Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What is CPA Marketing?

If you are ready let's get into CPA marketing 101.

This is for those that really have no understanding about CPA advertising and how it can benefit their business.

So how do you join or even find one of these networks?

In this post we will be covering the steps to find and join one of these very hot networks and what things you need to have already and what you need to consider before joining up with any of the networks.

You Need To Start By Searching The Web

You thought this was going to be easy right where you just need to read a few lines of text and then I would give you a huge lists of networks you could join, OOPS, sorry about that you are dead wrong. If you want to get into this and as I said it is red how right now you are going to have to make an effort.

If you want a short cut then you are just going to have to the eBook.

OK, once you complete your search you should have a pretty decent list of CPA networks that you can check out. Firstly you will need to see what offers they have and make sure that your website is relevant to any offers, any that do not have relevant offers need to be ditched straight away.
Not really ditched, but filed away for another day, because when you start to expand online you may need access to additional networks.
We are into saving time which is why we file networks that are not relevant. The next step once you have established that there are networks you can use is to ensure they are not scams. Make sure they have relevant as well as real contact information, send them an email to see what response you get and who it comes back from.

Many scammers aren't that smart so a return email usually has a unrelated email address attached to it.

Making First Contact

When you decide on which advertising network to join you should be prepared for a barrage of questions about your experience online. However, this is also your chance to ask them questions about support, who you will be working with as CPA networks assign someone to you.

What is the approval time when you find offers that you like?

What resources do they make available for marketing purposes?

As a business do you need to supply all material or is it all done in house.
As an affiliate you want to be asking the same questions but now you want to know what resources you are being supplied with, how are sales tracked and so.
Applying To A Network

For the most part, if you don't have a website that is completed (not under construction) you will find it very hard to get approval from any CPA Network. So when you are ready to start make sure you have all these things ready, your home address, phone number, active website URL, working email (From Your Website) and promotional plans. 

It is said that you need to be an American Citizen to join ans use these networks that is not true I'm Australian have have been involved for many years, as long as the network supports your country of residence and you meet the requirements there should be no issues at all.

Understanding The Different Payment Structures

Payment structures will be different across networks and of course from the businesses using the network. As an example some pay per lead offers may only be $1.00 will offers may be as high as $20.00

To have the best possible chance of maximizing your success you need to have a well presented landing page.

Important: Make sure you always check the requirements for every lead (action). 

Another thing you need to consider is this, what type of redirection is used, from first click to checkout? 

Always follow through to the end result to make sure everything is tracked correctly and that the network is not hijacking your links.

In some cases, your affiliate network can be an affiliate of other network. In these cases, rates are lower than the other network. 

Allocated Affiliate Managers

These are allocated to each and every person/business in the networks and this happens on every network. They are there to help and answer any questions you may have. Please remember to be polite and courteous at all times after all the are only there to help.

How Does Everything Get Tracked? 

The main way everything gets tracked is via cookies or URL variables, this is something you will need to find out from the network themselves.

Other Helpful References

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