Monday, September 4, 2017

CPA Marketing 101: Choosing the Right CPA Network

You probably know what CPA marketing is all about and now you are interested in joining a CPA network to promote offers.

What are the steps that you need to do? What are the considerations that you need to take into account when choosing the right CPA network for you?

Search the Web

Make a list of the most commonly used CPA networks today. You should visit each website to know about their payout amounts and terms. Then, read different reviews of advertisers and publishers online but make sure that the reviews are not paid. Moreover, it is important to verify if the network is a scam.

Contact the CPA Network

Most of the CPA networks will ask you a lot of questions about your experiences as an online marketer. You should ask them about the support that you will get from them and the person that you would be working with. Some networks offer complicated approvals while others offer easy approvals. Whatever network that you will choose, make sure that it is reputable in the industry.

Network Application

There are some things that you need before applying to a CPA network. These include your home address, phone number, an active website, working email and promotional plans. Considering numerous fraudulent applications, it will be difficult to be approved if you are not a United States of America resident. You should have enough English language knowledge.

However, recommendations from the network affiliate manager or older members can help your application. Once you are approved, you have to download and fill out a W-8 (international) or W-9 (USA) form.


You can check the rates and offers after joining a CPA network. The approval process usually takes one to three business days. Sometimes, it takes more than three days if the system is experiencing any technical problems.

The offer payments differ across CPA networks depending on the requirements and quality of leads delivered. You should compare the landing pages and research payments on different networks. To get the best offer, you should always check the requirement for every lead (action). Moreover, check the browser status bar when clicking links.

What type of re-directions are used? 

In some cases, your affiliate network can be a member of another network. In these cases, rates are lower than the other network.

Affiliate Managers

Not all affiliate managers are former members of any networks and some have never been affiliates, and not all of them can understand or answer your questions about CPA marketing. It is important to find how much your affiliate manager knows about his job. You can easily get banned for asking for an explanation about something that your affiliate manager does not know.

Tracking Software

Tracking software is using cookies. Browser setups, firewalls, anti-adware software, cookie stuffers and adware are deleting or overwriting cookies for several reasons.

With this, you can lose your commission. To avoid this, you should consider joining a newer and smaller CPA network. Since the cookie domain is still not well known, it is not targeted from the software mentioned above. This means that there is a smaller percent of cookies that are deleted or overwritten.

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