Wednesday, September 6, 2017

6 Common Types of CPA Marketing

There are six common types of CPA marketing to choose from.

They have different average payouts but also with varying levels of difficulty.

Choose what’s best for you.

1. Zip code lead capture

Don’t be misled by the term because obtaining the zip code is only a way to get more details from customers, which advertisers use to lure them into making a real purchase. In this type of CPA marketing, visitors are asked for their zip codes before they are provided with more details of the promo. Usually, promos involve free coupons or vouchers.

However, because most people don’t read fine prints, they will miss the fact that for them to use the coupons, they have to make a real purchase first. For instance, a coupon for a free pair of socks at the department store can only be used if you will buy a pair of shoes. It’s a package deal.

Average payout: $1 for every lead.

2. Lead generation

This type asks for more than a simple contact detail because it usually includes name, address, email address, and sometimes, phone number. The information needed for this type of CPA marketing is harder to squeeze from visitors, but the payout is worth all your effort if you succeed.

It’s not that hard for websites that already have loyal followers. Internet personalities who are trusted by their followers will also have an easier time asking for these personal details.

Average payout: $8 for every lead and up to $20 if with a phone number.

3. Sales conversion

This type is the most straightforward of all. Instead of acquiring leads, the marketer just asks visitors to buy something. This is also the closest to affiliate marketing.

A marketer needs to have a tremendous influence over his followers. Many internet personalities like famous fashion bloggers can easily ask their followers to do something if they want to be “in.”

Average payout: Up to $500, depending on the commission rate and price range of the product.

4. Email lead capture

This is the most common type, but it also has a small payout per lead. People are more willing to give their email addresses than their phone numbers, so it’s easier to acquire leads by using opt-ins for emails. However, because there is no guarantee that emails are working, the conversion per lead is lower. Of course, you also get paid at a lower rate.

Average payout: $1 for every lead.

5. Free trial offer

This is a lucrative type, but the catch is that you will only be paid once the trial becomes a real purchase. Marketers will not be paid for every free trial availed of by a customer. Rather, they are paid after the trial has expired, but the customer decided to continue with it. Marketers are commonly paid only after a few weeks.

Average payout: Up to $40 for long-term subscriptions.

6. Subscription

This type aims to provide advertisers with multiple touch point with their customers, which can lead to a long-term business relationship. For instance, instead of asking customers to make a purchase or calling them to sell something, the advertisers will leave a door open for future deals through regular receiving of newsletters and other marketing materials.

Average payout: $1 for every lead but with additional incentive for every future purchase or subscription extension.

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